Why you should live in Clevedon

Speech by Clevedon School pupil Toby Wheeler.

Why you should live in Clevedon? Clevedon you say, where? Clevedon is a rural area with its very own village with a dairy, hairdresser, bottle shop, chemist, coffee shop, fruit and vege shop, cafe, fish and chip shop, real estate agent and my Dad's favourite place, The Clevedon Hotel! Clevedon has changed a lot since my great grandfather was my age when the greater area was more commonly known as Wairoa.  The trip to town in those days was a lot longer than a 35 minutes drive in the car.  In those days most of the people would have lived on large famrs but nowadays you can choose to live in the village or on a small block of land like my family does. The school goes right up to Year 8, so you don't have to worry about other schools until High School. Since Mrs. Schumacher has been at our school she has set up e-learning classes and modified some classes which hadn't been touched since they were first built.  We now have Astroturf for the juniors and seniors. Ag Day is a big part of our school and community.  it's a day where we get to show off our animals like lambs, calves and goats.  Over the past few months we have worked hard raising them, we have been busy grooming and leading them. On Sundays we have a Farmers Market where most of the fresh veges and meat sold there are grown locally.  It's a real great place for townies to come and experience country life, with pony rides, livestock displays and sometimes a singing cowboy!  All of the children that work there have grown up in the area. During the summer season polo is played just across the road from our house.  This event brings people from far and wide.  We sometimes go over and watch the games. I think living in Clevedon is just awesome!