Watercare update December 2019


Clevedon Water and Wastewater Servicing

Response to questions from the CCBA


December 2019


Q. Which side of the main street will the pipelines be laid? 

A. Roads are the designated corridors for public utility infrastructure such as water and wastewater pipes. We are planning to lay the pipelines on the western side of the main street. 


Q. How much disruption is expected from the local connections to the mains?  

A. Individual connections will occur as and when the applications for connections are processed and approved by Watercare’s connections contractor – expected to start from late 2020. These connections are much less disruptive. It is estimated it will take up to 4hrs to complete a connection.


Q. Can you undertake work during the night time? 

A. Night works are not normally undertaken on our construction projects due to limitations of the Resource Consent and potential for disruption to residents and contractors. Night works also introduce additional health and safety risks for the construction staff and can also impact on the quality and accuracy of work.


Q. Are offsite wastewater flows - pumped or gravity fed? 

A. The wastewater flow from the household gully trap to the vacuum pit will be by gravity. In some cases where the ground level of the gully trap is higher, a small pump may be required to move wastewater to the vacuum pit. 


Q. Is the network design completed?  

A. Yes. However, we are still optimising the work based on local conditions and some minor changes may happen during construction. 


Q. When will the work occur on Clevedon Takanini Road? 

A. At this stage it is programmed for the second quarter of 2020.


Q. Do you have more information on connection costs and payment terms? 

A. Watercare’s connection charges were included in the earlier correspondence. Refer Q&A’s at https://www.watercare.co.nz/About-us/Projects-around-Auckland/Clevedon-water-and-wastewater-network


Q. How many work fronts are being undertaken? 

A At present there are two work sites in Clevedon and one in Ardmore. This may change in the New Year. At times some work sites may overlap for a short period as workers complete one site and mobilise to another. 


Q. Are there any delays?

A. The date for availability of services has not changed (expected Sept 2020).



Q. Why are some areas such as Mark Williams Place, Thorpe Quarry Road, twilight Road, and a few other pockets not being serviced?

A. This is due to the elevation of these properties. Watercare is working on alternative solutions to provide services to these properties and will advise in due course.


Q. What recent extensions to the network have taken place?

A. We have worked with developers in Monument Road, the Fire Service and hotel on Kawakawa Bay Road. They are contributing towards the cost of network extensions in this area.


Q. Is there an opportunity to provide an additional lane for cyclists and horse riders?

A. We have discussed this with the contractor. There are limitations due to the width of the road. Cyclists should be able to negotiate the works with traffic which is limited to a 30km/hour.  We will continue to monitor the situation.


Q. Are you aware of the community events in Clevedon?

A. Yes. Watercare has worked with the CCBA to identify local events. Where possible we are working to minimise construction effects on local events but cannot completely avoid some disruption. 


At the request of the CCBA a video of the construction works has been produced for the public.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhpFELYixP8