Sanctuary Trust Law

Welcome to Sanctuary Trust Law.

Sanctuary Trust Law specialises in setting up and running Family Trusts. We get to know aims, circumstances and needs of our clients. That is how we ensure that Trustees of your Family Trust will care for you in the future.

We can help you to:

Secure your Finances and other Assets such as your house, shares, prized possessions etc against loss.

Safeguard your Assets in a secure Trust Fund, whilst you undertake personal risk activities or transactions.

Protect your partner or spouse or children against relationship/matrimonial claims of future partners.

Enjoy and use all the benefits in the health and welfare sector which all New Zealanders receive by right during retirement, whilst the Trust also provides for your needs.

Plan the financial support education and welfare of your children and grandchildren in the long term future.

Benefit those who are close to you or for a benevolent cause or charity.

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