Consultation coming - Draft Franklin Local Board Plan

Draft Franklin Local Board Plan 


From July 13th we will be asking for community feedback on the Draft Franklin Local Board Plan. 

The Clevedon CBA is delighted to see a number of Clevedon-specific inclusions; a result years of community engagement and volunteer commitment. 


To recap on the Clevedon Design and Planning Timeline so far: 


August 2015 - Great Outcomes consultation - Change is coming, what great outcomes do we want to see?


December 2015 - Great Outcomes report here. 


2016-2018 - Clevedon masterplanning project, resulting in the Clevedon Village Design Framework, November 2018 here. 


2019  Clevedon Village Design Framework presented to landowners, community and various council representatives.


March 2020CCBA presents Clevedon Village Design Framework and Community Heart Plan to Franklin Local Board Plan consultation hearing.


July 2020 -  Draft Local Board Plan includes the outcome “Adopt to Clevedon Village Design Framework as the Auckland Council plan that informs both private and public investment in future projects and services so that local character is protected, and service preferences referenced as these areas are developed.” 


Today - we need your support to get this Draft Plan adopted. Feedback welcomed 13 July- 13 August.