Clevedon Netball Club

Clevedon Netball Club was originally founded in the early 1950's by a group of Clevedon ladies driven by aspirations to keep fit as well as take part in a social non-contact sport. Our philosophy is that we endeavor to place a member in a team who wants to take part in Netball, regardless of their age, ability or cultural background. These include players, umpires, managers and coaches. Our aim is to allow members to take part and enjoy the game. Focusing on development, we will provide coaching and the required training courses to assist our members in achieving their goals. Our drive is to have fun whilst playing the game. It is not always about winning the game but how we play that matters most to us. Although it is nice to walk off court with a win, we would much rather see our players try their best to play well and learn the team spirit which we incorporate and encourage in our club. We are affiliated with Papakura Netball Centre. This is where we complete our training and games