Clevedon District Centre: giving feedback is easy & important

A proposal on the future of the Clevedon District Centre has gone out to Clevedon residents via community group emails, meetings and 2 'drop in' sessions.
"We've had some good constructive feedback, support and new ideas, but we'd like more. We don't want to assume the quiet majority are ok with the direction" says Angela Fulljames, Project Manager.
"We want to hear from people, even if they support it and feel they have nothing more to add, as we want to get a good understanding of how this is being received across the community. The ideas put forward are not finalised and are there to help people visualise the possibilities"
A hard copy of the proposal with imagery and a feedback box is located at the Clevedon Co-Op and The Clevedon Cafe. Alternatively as part of this article you can view the short form (no imagery) or it can be emailed on request.
Information being requested is what people like about the ideas, what people are unsure about and other ideas/issues to be considered. Any contact information provided to Angela will not be forwarded to council or other parties and is for the sole purpose of the Clevedon District project.
 feedback [at] clevedon [dot] co [dot] nz