Clevedon Roundup

Clevedon Roundup community information newspaper is a Clevedon icon. 

Produced, printed and distributed entirely by volunteers, it is delivered to the letterboxes of over 1300 residents convering an area from Orere Point to Ardmore and  including the greater Clevedon to just before Hunua and Brookby.

The Roundup has been published and distributed by the CCBA since 2016. The current edition of Clevedon Roundup, including a full list of advertising costs and specifications can be viewed here. Limited print copies are available from Acorns, Clevedon Co-op, Remax, With Relish, Orere Point Store and Kawakawa Bay Store.

Please send news, special notices and advertisements to roundup [at] clevedon [dot] co [dot] nz