Clevedon River, Te Wairoa

The Wairoa River, slicing through the Clevedon Valley, is the second largest river in the Auckland region. The headwaters of the Wairoa are tucked away in the Hunua Ranges to the south-east and play a vital role as a source of household water for the Auckland region. Beyond the dams, the river flows out of the forests of the ranges, through farmland and the village of Clevedon to emerge in the Hauraki Gulf.

The river is Clevedon village's raison d'être - the village was once a bustling little community centred on the wharf at the highest navigable point on the river, enabling water-based transportation and export to wider Auckland markets. In more recent decades, as focus has turned to road-based transport, pastoral farming and plantations, the river has been denuded of the native plants and trees along its banks. The dams, first created in the 1950s, have significantly altered the natural flow of the river. The river valley has also been badly effected by flooding in recent years. For many years, the Wairoa River has been neglected and forgotten. Until now.

Friends of Te Wairoa Catchment is the coming together of the Wairoa River Steering Group and the Wairoa River Landcare to re-energise the effort to improve the wellbeing of the Wairoa River and its tributaries across the entire Wairoa catchment. If you would like to support the efforts of this group or become involved with their committee, you can contact them by emailing friends [at] tewairoa [dot] org [dot] nz or you can make a donation to their flagship planting project via the Million Metres campaign.

The CCBA passionately supports the restoration of the Wairoa River between Tourist Road and Clevedon-Kawakawa Road as a 'Bridge to Bridge' project, connecting back to the river through public access, recreation and trails and providing an example of river restoration for the wider catchment.

Clevedon Wharf Reserve