Clevedon Conversations

Change is coming to Clevedon. With the confirmation that wastewater infrastructure will be delivered to Clevedon in 2020, the subdivision and development provided for by Plan Change 32 and the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (PAUP) will soon commence.  This development has the potential to dramatically alter the community spirit, character and environment of Clevedon. It also has the potential to be a best-practice example of how good design, communication and community participation can create great communities with excellent environmental and urban design outcomes.

Clevedon Conversations is the consultation & influence project undertaken by the Clevedon CBA's Design and Planning Subcommittee. Established in 2015, our team is led by locals Jane Masters, a planner, and Nicki Henshaw, a landscape architect and community engagement consultant.  We are passionate about Clevedon, the environment, communities, good design and planning excellence.

Great Outcomes Consultation
From July to December 2015 Clevedon Conversations undertook a program of community engagement talking about how impending growth might deliver Great Outcomes for the Clevedon community, that deliver benefits for all. The results of this consultation are presented in Clevedon Conversations' Report on Great Outcomes. This report includes a series of recommendations, the first of which is the creation of a Masterplan for the Structure Plan area. Thanks to the financial support of the four major landowners surrounding Clevedon Village, Clevedon Conversations is working to deliver on this reccommendation with Isthmus, New Zealand's leading integrated urban design landscape and architecture design studio.

Download Great Outcomes Report - Report On Great Outcomes 01 Dec 2015.pdf

Download Clevedon Village Design Guidelines Document - PDF icon designguide.pdf
Download Clevedon Design Framework - PDF icon IGL_Clevedon_Design Framework_181127-compressed.pdf

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