Clevedon CBA launches Clevedon Village Design Framework

Work has now started on a new sewerage pipeline from Clevedon to Papakura, which will enable our rural village’s population to grow from the current 700 residents to more than 4000. 


In the face of this great change, the Clevedon Community and Business Association (Clevedon CBA) has worked with leading urban designers to develop the Clevedon Village Design Framework, a guiding document for our imminent growth that illustrates how we can uniquely contribute to strong community and good environmental outcomes.


The document sets out four key design moves: 

  • Connect to the river
  • Create a compact village
  • Celebrate the historic rural setting
  • Consolidate our community heart



How to view this document

From today you can view the Design Framework at the new Clevedon Hub or online here


The document - developed over four years with input from the community (via the 2015 Great Outcomes consultation), local landowners, local and council stakeholder groups - has already been presented to the Mainstreet community and key community groups where it received enthusiastic endorsement. 


What next? 

In the long-term the Clevedon CBA would like to see a Mainstreet refurbishment and the creation of unique gateways that welcome people to our village, as well as a strong village brand identity and a series of design guidelines to ensure a design quality that supports a local vernacular.  But the next step for the Clevedon CBA team is to specifically capture the unique identity of Clevedon, which celebrates our historic rural setting, and for that we’re looking for the community’s help. 





How do I help?

We need you to help us compile images and observations to a village mood board that captures Clevedon’s unique character.  Contributions can be made throughout the month of August


What sort of images should I contribute?

Whatever it is you love about Clevedon OR ideas of things you’ve seen elsewhere that would work well in our village. Whether it be buildings, views, planting, footpaths & trails, street furniture, fences, signage, play equipment….  all ideas are welcomed.  Or if you’d like to share a brief observation about what makes our character unique, we’d love to hear that too.


Choose how you send in your ideas;

In person – drop into the Clevedon Hub at the Clevedon District Centre, 2-4pm Monday-Saturday 

Email – send your images to clevedonconversations [at] clevedon [dot] co [dot] nz (clevedonconversations [at] clevedon [dot] co [dot] nz) 

Instagram – follow @clevedoncharacter and post photos of what you love about Clevedon with the hashtag #clevedoncharacter 

Pinterest – join our #clevedoncharacter mood board and contribute aspirational photos of a ‘future Clevedon’ 


What happens to all the images?

At the end of the month we’ll send our mood board compilations to our design team who will analyse & pick out themes & publish a #clevedoncharacter lookbook. This document will assist  & encourage development that contributes to our character, rather than erode it.  It will also be used in Clevedon CBA’s creative briefs for Mainstreet & gateway design, design guides, branding, signage etc)


Click here to view the Clevedon Village design framework