20th Anniversary of Hunua Ranges Kokako Project

Kokako bird conservation volunteers got together recently to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Hunua Ranges kokako project.

It became a reunion for those involved over that time.  A group of about 40 were present for the unveiling of a sign at Piggots Campground, which told the timeline of rescuing the kokako population in the Hunua Ranges, from one pair to now thirty.

Some of the original surveyors of the birds and the volunteers who put the first bait lines in were there.

Tuesday volunteer and Clevedon local, Mary Whitehouse, made a spectacular kokako cake for the day and on cue, a kokako started hopping around on the ground only 30 or so metres away from the gathering, then was joined by its mate to flutter around in the vicinity of its old nest site.

Talks and food in the evening were followed by a dawn walk where once again, this incredibly rare bird obliged with an appearance.